Hotel Future

Client: Shepherd Construction

Design: 3D Reid

We were commisioned by Shepherd Construction to create a suite of realistic 3D images, 4D construction sequencing and a short film. These were to be used within the bid submission and also at interview stage.

The architecture was purposefully designed as a ‘blank canvass’ onto which various layers of operation and quality could be applied.

The hotel design was kept simple, but used ‘touches of luxury’ in a careful manner to give maximum impact.

Our challenge was to convey this in our images and we did this by working very closely with the interior design team at 3D Reid.

We were tasked to art direct the composition and lighting to evoke mood and time of day. Working with reference images and sketched designs we helped iterate and communicate their designs without the need for many iterations.

The result was a combination of evoking CG imagery and film which told the story of Hotel Future in a memorable way.

Below is a 360 degree panoramic of a bedroom suite that really lets you understand the space:

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